1L : RM90.00 | Dilution 1L : 500L

Nutri Life is a 100% bio-organic solution combining all essential elements that a plant needs.

It consists of 9 beneficial microbes, 18 amino acids, 3 plants extract growth enhancers, 14 minerals and trace elements essential for soil health, plant growth, flowering, fruiting, fighting disease and promote healthy immunity for the plants.

Features and Benefits

Increase root growth, root size & root efficiency

Utilize macronutrients & micronutrients more efficiently

Improves plant immunity against disease

Better plant growth

Increase fruit sizes

Faster ripening of fruits

Improving yield

Reduce plant stress

Increase pollen germination

Improve micro-flora of the soil


1 KG : RM 80.00 | Dilution 1 : 400

Crystalline NPK Fertilizer is enhanced with MgO, Trace Elements & Organic Compounds. Founded in 1986 by Prof. Dr. TB Goh, Crystalline NPK fertilizers have been proven in hundreds of field trials conducted in many different environments and climatic conditions.

Features and Benefits



Does not contain harmful chemicals

Highly soluble.

Prevent leeching

Lower fertilization costs

Increase yield

Better fruiting


25 KG : RM 55.00

HIGA Polymer NPK Fertilizer HIGA Polymer NPK Fertilizer uses the latest technology based on “Soft Polymer and complete Multi Trace Elements (MTE) to furnish essential nutrients to the plants. These polymer that grasp strongly to the soil will hold the fluid/fertilizer and supply them continuously to the plants.

Features and Benefits

During drought, this polymer will absorb the atmospheric moisture at night and release it to the plants, together with the fertilizer during day time. During rainfall, this polymer will hold the fertilizer strongly in order to prevent it from washing away by the heavy rain.

The more of this Polymer Fertilizer is being used, the more fertile is the soil. It has a pH of >8 and it can be used to treat acidic soil (pH <4) due to continuously use of chemical fertilizer. With continually using HIGA Polymer NPK Fertilizer, you no longer need to apply lime to the soil to reduce its acidity and this will further reduce the cost.

The Multi Trace Elements (MTE) incorporated into HIGA Polymer NPK Fertilizer is derived from marine sources. It has approximately 100 trace elements which is very sufficient for the plants’ need. These complete trace elements are important for the growth, flowering and fruiting of the plants and also to produce maximum yield.



1L : RM40.00 | Dilution 1:200

Fish Emulsion is a quick-acting organic fertilizer that is made from either a whole fish or just parts of a fish. It helps to promote the growth of various vegetables and fruits. Research shown that applying fish emulsion twice a week to plants showed a significant growth compared to other frequencies.

Features and Benefits

Good nitrogen source.

Natural supplements to existing fertilizers

Consist of trace elements like calcium, magnesium, sulfur, amino acids & protein.

Accelerate the growth of plants.

Boosting fruit & crop taste.

Help balancing bacteria and moisture content in the soil.


5L : RM 100.00 | Dilution 3ML : 1L

Hi-K Plus is a form of water soluble nutrient solution complete with important NPK nutrients, amino acid and enzymes specifically for plant.

Features and Benefits

Amino Acids

Combat stress

Increase root mass

Activate natural defence mechanism in plants

Enhance photosynthesis

Promote nutrient absorption

Stimulate the essential metabolic activities in the plant.


5L : RM 100.00 | Dilution 3ML : 1L

Cal-Mag Plus is a special water soluble amino acids, mineral nutrients and trace elements formulation with special emphasis on supplying readily bio-available Calcium & Magnesium to crops. This product tends to produce a healthier plants, sturdy stems, stronger roots and tastier crops.

Features and Benefits


A macronutrient that is essential to plant growth

It is an important part of the makeup of the walls of plant cells

Transport processes and root development.


Vital to the process of photosynthesis

Stimulate root development

Activates enzymes

Boost sugar transport

Amino Acids

Combat stress

Increase root mass

Activate natural defence mechanism in plants

Enhance photosynthesis



1L : RM90.00 | Dilution 1L : 500L

Green Life consists of selected natural hormones derived from willow tree. It has the ability of increasing the growth of leaves which is important to the general health of trees and plants.

For synergistic effect, use together with NUTRI LIFE.

Features and Benefits

To increase overall healthy growth of plants.

Produce abundant leaves.


1L : RM90.00 | Dilution 1L : 500L

Bloom Life consists of selected natural hormones derived from willow tree. It has the ability to enhance better flowering and fruiting capacity.

For synergistic effect, use together with NUTRI LIFE.

Features and Benefits

To enhance flowering & fruiting capacity.

Enhancing fruit taste.


5 Liter : RM 60.00 | Dilution 1 : 300 (Pure)

5 Liter : RM 90.00 | Dilution 1 : 300 (Plus)

5 Liter : RM 110.00 | Dilution 1:300 (Plus Chitosan)

Wood Vinegar Plus is the only wood vinegar in the market place that is enhanced with Boron, Magnesium & Sulfur for the optimum and healthy growth of plants.

It has a variety of beneficial effects stemming from the fact that it is made up of a variety of minerals, compounds and acids.

Features and Benefits

Repel pests, prevent plant infection from fungal, bacterial and virus-like disease

Enriches soil fertility

Improve fertilizer absorption through the roots

Strengthens roots and leaves

Increases the quantity of useful microbes

Increase crop resistance to adverse condition

Improved tree health, darker green leaves for better photosynthesis.

Improves fruit quality and increases sugar content in fruit.

Improve flavor, color, firmness and preservation of fruit

Strengthen the photosynthesis

Increase the content of chlorophyll of the plants

Soil Conditioner


1L : RM 90.00 | Dilution 1L : 400L

Earth Life is a 100% natural solution made from plant extracts.

It consist of 16 types of MICROBES which include Saccharomyces Cerevisiae,
Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bacillus Subtilis, Aspergillus Oryzae, Bacillus Lichenformis, Bacillus Megaterium, Bacillus Mensentericus, Streptococcus, Nitrobacter, Pseudomonas, etc..

Features and Benefits

Enhance soil fertility

Promote healthy growth for plants

Prevent diseases

Enhance flowering & fruiting and better yield

Transporting nutrients more efficiently to the whole plants

Reduce existing fertilizers usage

Work synergistically with all fertilizers


1L : RM90.00 | Dilution 1 L : 400L

Plants grown in poorly structured soils will not respond to fertilizer. Fertilizing them will help only if a lack of nutrients is the cause of the problem.

Healthy soil can be defined as home for a multitude of organisms like bacteria, amoebae, insect larvae, earthworms, etc. Most of these organisms are an essential part of enhancing the nutrients that stimulate plant growth.

Eco-G Earth Life is specially formulated with plant-based minerals and herbs for remediating harden and acidic soil and bring back living micro-organism back to its fold.

Features and Benefits

Help to reduce soil acidity.

Boost the ‘K’ supply for enzymatic functions.

Improve the structure of clay soil.

Stimulate the growth of earthworms and soil microorganism.

Nitrogen fixation is enhanced.

Cat-ion exchange is increased.

Disease resistance.

Stimulate bloom and fruit production.


1KG : RM30.00 | Dilution 1 KG : 400L

Humic Acid is best classified as a soil conditioner, making poor soils good and making good soils excellent. Even if your soil is in marginal condition, Humic Acid can improve its performance.

Features and Benefits

Increase the water infiltration and water-holding capacity of the soil.

Offer the benefits of adding organic matter to soils that are deficient.

Plant will be able to uptake and utilize the nutrients in the solution many times more effectively than without the humates.

Increasing the vitality of roots.

Promoting better germination of seeds.

Increasing the synthesis of chlorophyll.

Improved yields through healthier plants.

Stimulating the activity of beneficial microbes.

Pest Management


1 Liter : RM 35.00 | Dilution 1 : 300

Most plants contain compounds that they use in preventing attack from phytophagous (plant eating) insects. Plant based repellents have been used for generations in traditional practice.

Pine oil extract has been proven to repel certain pests with desirable effects. It is best rotate usage with wood vinegar so that the pests won’t get immune with single pest solution.