HIGA Polymer NPK Fertilizer HIGA Polymer NPK Fertilizer uses the latest technology based on “Soft Polymer and complete Multi Trace Elements (MTE) to furnish essential nutrients to the plants. These polymer that grasp strongly to the soil will hold the fluid/fertilizer and supply them continuously to the plants.

25 KG


During drought, this polymer will absorb the atmospheric moisture at night and release it to the plants, together with the fertilizer during day time. During rainfall, this polymer will hold the fertilizer strongly in order to prevent it from washing away by the heavy rain.

The more of this Polymer Fertilizer is being used, the more fertile is the soil. It has a pH of >8 and it can be used to treat acidic soil (pH <4) due to continuously use of chemical fertilizer. With continually using HIGA Polymer NPK Fertilizer, you no longer need to apply lime to the soil to reduce its acidity and this will further reduce the cost.

The Multi Trace Elements (MTE) incorporated into HIGA Polymer NPK Fertilizer is derived from marine sources. It has approximately 100 trace elements which is very sufficient for the plants’ need. These complete trace elements are important for the growth, flowering and fruiting of the plants and also to produce maximum yield.