About Us

Eco G Life Seed Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysia-based company specializing in marketing bio-technology products for agriculture industry. We live up to our slogan “Green Technologies for Sustainable Future” by providing the best in bio-technology products that enhance the healthy growth of plants and crops without using harmful components (either to humans or mother earth). Our company works in close association with accredited bio researchers and farmers to promote sustainable farming.

Our products are not only formulated to enhance the growth of plants and yields, but to also control plant diseases, revitalize the soil and reduce harmful pest. Besides, it is further enhanced with bio-fertilizer which has been formulated with complete nutrients that crops/plants need for maximum healthy growth. This total solution is saving farmers/growers from the need of sourcing multiple treatment products which will lead to higher costs and eventually pass on to the consumers.

Our products are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, bio-degradable and environmental friendly. It is an ideal solution for all kinds of crops, vegetables, fruits, lawns, flowers, trees, as well as house-plants.


To help farmers to increase their yield, enhance their profits, enrich their lives and ensure sustainable development of mother earth with our cutting edge green technology.


Be at the forefront of the industry to provide excellent source natural & inorganic solutions to revolutionize the way of growing crops and plants so that the human population will consume a healthy and safe produce.

” We love what we do and we believe that what we do will make a difference today and for the generations to come.”